Do you need a weekly teacher? Do you want help getting ready for an audition or competition? We are here to help!

Colin and Nicole are both passionate teachers and would love to help you reach your goals on the trombone. Whether you just need help getting ready for All State, or you want a weekly teacher to help guide you over many months and years, we can give you the instruction you need. 

Please read the About Us  section to choose which teacher is the best fit for you, and then send us an email in order  to schedule your lesson.



Colin is available to teach lessons via Skype and in person at a mutually agreed upon location.

Rates via Skype:

Rates in Person:

Nicole is available to teach lessons via Skype and in person at Ripley Grier Studio at 131 West 72nd ST.

Rates via Skype:

Rates in Person:

What's a Skype Lesson?
For anyone unfamiliar with online, or Skype lessons, please watch this video for a sample of what it will be like. If you still have more questions, please feel free to email us so we can answer them.  
Payment for lessons is done by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Payment for Skype lessons must be done before the scheduled start time of the lesson.

No payment is necessary until a lesson is scheduled, so please email us with questions.