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When it comes to being a musician, practicing is our most important tool. Unfortunately, practice skills and techniques are often the things that we feel the least knowledgable about!

Do you have a hard time getting in all the practice you want?
Are you struggling to manage your available practice time?
Do you have music or techniques you are struggling to master?

I am here to help!

I offer personalized practice plans, time management help, and instruction on techniques you can use to master those difficult passages and techniques. 

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Time Management Consultation - 15 min
Whether you are in High School, College, or a professional with a full time job and children, finding the time in your schedule to practice can be difficult. Need help fitting something else into your schedule? No problem! Having an outside perspective and a few new tools can make all the difference to whatever time management problem you are having.
  • I will study your schedule
  • Find possible adjustments
  • Locate opportunities for practice time
  • Suggest techniques for optimizing your available time
  • Follow up by email with adjustments for one month. 

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Practice Routine Consultation - 20 min
With limited available time. it is even more important to use it wisely! I can help you optimize your practice time by sharing a few methods I have developed. 
  • I will examine your repertoire
  • Create daily practice schedule
  • Suggest ways to adjust as needed.
  • Suggest practice methods for a few difficult pieces. 
  • Follow up by email for a month. 
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